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BSDOLL is the leading online store for high quality and lifelike sex dolls. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch products and excellent customer service. With our expertise in the sex doll design, production, shipping and delivery process, we ensure the highest quality experience for our customers. At the same time, each sex doll is thoroughly inspected before shipment to meet top standards. Ready to play with your doll? Discover your dream doll today with BSDoll!


Looking for realistic sex dolls? We have 50+ selection of 1000+ real love dolls for you to browse and choose from. Check out our most-welcomed sex doll collections and pick sexy and cute love dolls at your fingertips!


Looking for realistic sex dolls? We have 50+ selection of 1000+ real love dolls for you to browse and choose from. Check out our most-welcomed sex doll collections and pick sexy and cute love dolls at your fingertips!


In addition to the United States, we also have sex dolls stored in self-owned warehouses in Australia, Canada, Europe, UK , check these dolls now! Apart from fast discreet shipping service, BSDoll also offers easy & free self-collection service (except Canada warehouse).


Find sex doll accessories to care, repair, clean, and store your love doll. From wigs to eyes, to extra heads, head stands hooks, tongues, etc.


Clothes & Lingeries

Hair & Wigs

Repair Kits




Every BSDoll sex doll is manufactured by the factory with official test reports issued by both BACL and Compliance Control Institute. Click here to to view HD encoded version.


BSDoll visited almost OEM & brand sex doll factories in Dongguan & Zhongshan CN and selected the top-performed ones as our partners and brought their outstanding works at affordable prices here.


You can always trust these sex doll reviews by real customers. They report their sex doll quality and purchasing experiences. All one to five star reviews are accepted. We always doing our best!


Don’t just take our words, see how our community dress their BSDolls!

Let’s be real

best sex doll
best sex doll

First, let's see how you get trapped

One day, you opened a website with seductive pictures of sex bombs so enticing that your hormones kick in. Suddenly, you made the purchase. Happily looking forward to your sweetheart, you fell asleep dreaming of the wild and crazy nights ahead and a future with love together. On the other side of the world, your lady started her makeup… 1 month later, you got an email, and your lover started her journey! Every day and night, the first thing you do when you wake up and off work is to check where she was and days counting as it goes. China… Hong Kong… Los Angeles… New York… Finally, after 10 days of anxious waiting, she shows up! Opening the box, you started petting and hugging her, trying to warm her up, and that’s when you realize something is wrong. Crude wigs, fake and ugly faces, pungent smells, oily skin…They were staining your carpets, sofas, and bed sheets! You regretted and sent emails to the seller angrily, trying to figure out what’s the exact problem, and never get a reply…Hey man, this is not a story, it’s how our customers used to experience it. What’s worse, some customers even told us their wives never arrive!

Let's dig out the minefields you stepped on

Not doing website research: If you had researched the website’s history, reputation, and customer reviews ahead of time, you would have at least received an inferior smell-filled doll instead of being scammed for nothing.

No inspection of 1 on 1 real factory pictures: after the production of customized sex dolls, qualified factories should send real pictures to the doll owner for checking & confirmation. Only the confirmed dolls can be shipped out. Not satisfied? Just raise your concern and ask for modifications until you fall in love with her in your heart.

Trapped in cheap prices & fall into the bait and switch game: the merchant steals your money, but does not ship items, or simply sends completely different sex dolls. You will find not only the faces, the figures, and even the heights are different from the advertising. Complaint? Forget about it. Even BBB is not able to help.

Apart from these, you should be glad you haven't encountered following situations

Some websites claim to ship from a self-owned local warehouse near you, but In fact, it is a shared warehouse of a contractor or they just ship directly from China. They conceal the real track information, causing the goods that should have arrived within 7 days to be delayed to 2 more than a week.

Received a sex doll made from recycled TPE or silicone materials. Although we believe that everyone who buys sex dolls wants to start a serious relationship, unfortunately, any relationship might break down. The professional second-hand sex doll recycling team came into being. These teams recycle and dispose of these over-used sex dolls from sex doll owners or factory bins for cheap, and even roughly process them without sanitizing them before putting them back on the market—you should be on your toes the minute you smell something pungent.

BSDoll Promise

Wanna give up buying sex dolls? Don’t be frustrated, cases above are just common mistakes made by almost sex doll newbies and they may spend thousands of dollars to learn from these scams. However, from now on, you are able to save this tuition fee and invest it all in your lover, or even multiple sexy beauties! Relax, please rest assured that the journey with BSDoll is a fully transparent and completely reassuring trip of finding love.

M-grade Japan Raw Material

We reject low-quality or recycled materials. Al sex dolls sold at BSDoll are made of medical-grade Japan Kurary raw materials, which are non-toxic & non-allergic, and safe for skin touch or kiss. <<Click Here To View Our Test Report

Transparent Factory Photo

For every BSDoll order, we will publish the factory’s real photos. If you care about personal privacy and don’t want your lover to be seen in our pages, we can hide them. <<Click Here To View Our Order Factory Photos

Self-owned Local Warehouse

All tracks and pictures of the local warehouse are available. Simply contact customer service to get the address and make an appointment for pickup at your nearest local warehouse. <<Click Here To View In-Stock Sex Dolls

24/7 Online Service

We are eager to hear your questions & concerns whether you are a newbie or a sex doll veteran. Received your doll but are not 100% satisfied? Say it loud, we will be responsible to the end. << Click Here To Find Your Sex Foll Tutor

Verified Direct-Sale Factory

We refuse to cooperate with any middlemen and insist on linking customers with selected premium source factories which allows us to offer direct sales at reasonable prices instead of profiteering. >> Click Here To Watch Factory Visit Video

Money Back Guarantee

Our money-back guarantee provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if our product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and receive a full refund. <<Click Here To Read Money Back Guarantee

Flexible Shipping Methods

Established solid relationships with multiple couriers not limited to air, ocean, and Sino-EU trucks, BSDoll can provide customers with fast, flexible, secured, and low-cost shipping services. <<Click Here To View Our Shipping Methods

SSL Secured Checkout

We maintain high standards of quality and professionalism. SSL checkout is applied to ensure the transaction is 100% protective and privacy-protected. <<Click Here To View Our Payment Methods

BSDoll Exclusive Advantages - MUST READ

1. Strictly screened top-quality supply chain

You may hear that 90% of the world’s sex dolls are produced in Zhongshan and Dongguan, China, where there are more than 50 sex doll factories of varying scales. However, did you know that the brand sex dolls that most people are familiar with are not necessarily produced by themselves? If you know the business, you may understand in the case of unstable order surges, rather than expanding production lines to hire more workers, factory owners tend to allocate partial excess orders to sister factories to reduce the labor cost burden left after the trade peak season. Therefore, in China, there are still a large number of behind-the-scenes factories that you don’t know but provide brand incubation and OEM services. BSDoll team members used to work in both big-name and small-scale sex doll factories and personally visited almost all sex doll factories in the Pearl River Delta region. After conducting strict multi-dimensional evaluation including raw material quality, production workshop hygiene, make-up artist skills, etc., we finally found the top 5-8 factories and brought their outstanding works at affordable prices here.

2. Pioneering low-cost logistics services

We are proud that BSDoll team members have diverse backgrounds. Our logistics manager has 15+ years of experience in the industry of cross-border logistics network experience so we can always find and cooperate with leading logistic companies and get the most favorable channel price by virtue of our resource pros. If you’ve ever bought a doll that cost more than $2000, we’ll tell you a brutal fact: a large portion of your money was spent on shipping your doll (the shipping cost for a 37kg sex doll can be up to $500-$700). However, we are different. At the time we start BSDoll, we pioneered the global standard shipping service. For different countries or regions, in addition to providing regular UPS/FedEx/DHL air freight services, BSDoll also connects to top agents of ocean shipping companies or truck companies such as Matson/Costco/CN-EU Truck, which allows us to provide low-cost/free shipping services to our valuable clients. In other words, almost all of your money is spent on your cute lover, rather than wasted on buying cross-border shipping services!

3. Highly personalized customized service

We believe in love at first bite. Even though we know that one-to-one customization is a cumbersome, arduous, high-communication process, to keep you from compromising on the details of creating your ideal lover, BSD still provides the most abundant customization options among all websites. Till June 2023, our sex dolls have more than 20+ customization options. In addition to the common options like skin color, eyes, areola color, breast material, skeleton type, intelligent heating and sound system, etc., we also provide mix-and-match services that most websites avoid offering. If you have ever bought a sex doll, you may know that in order to avoid unnecessary disputes, most sex doll websites only provide the same face shape, skin color, and height as the model picture. The downside is you can only make certain elements in pursuit of perfection 🙁 But in BSD, you can not only match different skin colors for your favorite face shape, but also match your favorite height, and even add the latest smart functions, such as twerking hips, automatic blowjob, and automatic suction. If there are parts of BSD that cannot meet your needs, please raise your hands to customer service, we are, and will always be on the journey of providing you with the most complete personalized choices!.

4. Self-owned 2000+ stock US/EU/CA/AU/UK local warehouse

We have successively set up local warehouses in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom in February 2022, where stored 2000+ premade in-stock dolls and enable us to achieve 3-7 day fast delivery. You may know many sellers claim they own warehouses but in fact, they just dropshipping inferior sex dolls from a shared warehouse. What’s worse, some of the dolls in the shared warehouse have been stored for over 1 year. So receiving a cracking, oily sex doll is not news. BSD is different, we only sell and store products from our own website and we will regularly re-stock sold items to our warehouse every month. If you select pickup service and visit our depot, you will not see customers from other websites because we are the real ones self-owned. Based on this, we have the ability and confidence to provide 3 versions of sex dolls at different prices, from the basic configuration to the top configuration with pronunciation, yoga skeleton, and other upgrades.


Do not know which to buy or have questions about our products, services, and policies? We wrote a long list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for you here.

We understand that becoming a sex doll owner is a big decision, and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and properly care for your doll. << Read Sex Doll User Manual

Our team is committed to helping you every step of the way, from the buying process to owning and maintaining your doll. We are here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the guidance you need to ensure that you have a positive experience with your sex doll.

BSDoll is the world’s leading mega shop of realistic top-quality affordable sex dolls! We are a young, energetic, and creative company dedicated to providing customers with both ultra-realistic sexual and mental experiences. We insist and pride ourselves on offering the best quality affordable life-size sex dolls and exceptional and professional customer service in this complicated sex industry. We, just like you, love life, respect gender and gender identity, and believe that sex is, and is supposed to be a natural expression and enjoyment. We not only offer highly personalized customized service with strictly screened top-quality supply chains. but also are pioneering low-cost sucure logistics services. << Read Our Story

Our Growth Journey

  • Before November 2022: Before starting BSDoll, our team members have been in the sex doll industry for over 10 years. Some of us used to work in big-name sex doll brands or factories, and some of us worked in cross-border suppliers. Yes, dude, we know almost everything about sex dolls.
  • November 2022: BSDoll was born with passion and love! Our talented team members were brought together, dreaming and committing to creating the most cost-effective sex doll brands and creating a deeper lever of relationships with customers.
  • December 2022: Surprised by the rapid growth of our business within just one month, we set up customer service centers in both Hong Kong & Philippines. Our sincere and thoughtful mindset to customer service helped us in winning the trust of our clients.
  • February 2023: To further strengthen our dominance in sex dolls, we established 5 self-owned local warehouses in US/CA/UK/EU/AU/UK. Since then, the delivery time is significantly reduced, allowing us to offer a better and high-efficient shop experience.
  • June 2023: Milestone: Serving more than 1,000 customers. Our meticulous and professional service has won a loyal customer base and a good reputation! Throughout the journey, we maintain a warm and genuine relationship with our clients, making them feel valued and appreciated.
  • BSDoll Future: Our vision is to continue to push the boundaries of the sex doll industry and help people explore their sexuality in exciting new ways. Our goal is to be a game changer, rule maker, and innovation leader in the field of both sex dolls & sex toys.
  • BSDoll are proud to offer Money-back Guarantee service. As long as you are not 100% satisfied, we will handle it correctly and help you till the end.
  • Before you buy, it’s necessary for you to know what you exactly want and make a clear decision. However, we understand things may go wrong or not as planned, so we offer reasonable and flexible cancel, return and refund service. <<Read BSDoll Shipping & Delivery
  • BSDoll are proud to offer Money-back Guarantee service. As long as you are not 100% satisfied, we will handle it correctly and help you till the end.
  • Before you buy, it’s necessary for you to know what you exactly want and make a clear decision. However, we understand things may go wrong or not as planned, so we offer reasonable and flexible cancel, return and refund service. << Read BSDoll Return and Refund

BSDoll is always at the forefront of news and consultation. We enjoy sharing our experiences in purchasing and maintaining sex dolls, and we look forward to hearing your stories about sex dolls

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