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anal sex doll

anal sex doll

A boon for ass fanatics - anal sex dolls

Anal sex—many people want to do it, but few have dared to try it. If you want to experience what it’s like to fuck an ass, our comprehensive anal sex doll collection will let you enjoy banging a tight booty. Each selection of this vast category boasts hot and horny companions, ready to be fucked through their voluptuous asses.

Male Sex Dolls

Tall, stud, handsome—who wouldn’t fall for these men? With their masculine facial features and chiseled bodies, girls and gay guys will lust over them.

These male anal sex dolls don’t just have mighty cocks that will make you drool with lust or cry with pleasure. They have tight anuses that yearn to be fucked by a hard erection.

But wait, there’s more! These hot men don’t possess any foul odor in their butts. They don’t need to do a lot of preparation as opposed to real men before the action. These sex dolls are up for anal sex anytime and anywhere you want. With their presence, the fuckboys in this male anal sex doll collection will let you experience a different kind of thrill you’ve never felt before.

Shemale Sex Dolls

These trans dolls have alluring bodies with juicy breasts and sexy thighs. They also have mighty dicks that can make every girl or guy moan with pure erotic bliss.Speaking of their cocks, their mighty dongs come in two forms. Some of these ladyboys have non-removable penises. Others have removable dongs, and since they are removable, they have a tight pussy hiding behind their hard schlong. With this feature, you can remove the dildo should you wish to ram their vagina.

Oh, let’s not forget about their tight asses. After all, they wouldn’t be called shemale anal dolls if you couldn’t fuck their anuses. Their anal holes are so tight; their cheeky booties are plump; you’ll want to slap them for hours. These beauties in this shemale anal sex doll collection can fulfill all your carnal cravings.

Moving Ass Sex Dolls

All our anal dolls over 150cm tall can be upgraded with our electric function – butt twisting!

Sometimes, doing anal with a doll isn’t enough. You want something that can squeeze your cock while you’re inside their bunghole. If that’s what you’re looking after, this advanced doll anal toy collection is for you! So, what sets them apart from other sex dolls?

Our dolls are alluring in their own rights, but what sets these apart from other sex dolls is their moving butts. Yes, you read that right. Each big ass sex toy has a built-in motor that enables their voluptuous behinds to move and squeeze your cocks. Just push the button to start moving and adjust their pace.

Hip wiggle function video

Big Ass Sex Dolls

This anal sex doll collection is the most basic, as the dolls in this selection don’t have unique features. But that doesn’t mean they cannot give you pure satisfaction because—let’s face it—who can resist a huge ass?

As the collection name suggests, each sex doll has a big ass you want to squeeze, slap, and fuck. Our big ass sex doll all have super-appealing buttocks, and this kind of waist-to-hip ratio may be something you rarely see in real life or even doesn’t exist. They’re juicy and plump; you can’t resist looking and touching their sexy back. When you have anal sex with these dolls, the fat and soft buttocks will keep slapping your sensitive areas, and they also have movable metal skeletons, allowing you to position them however you like.

Male Sex Dolls

Whether you’re into handsome men or cute boys, our male ass sex doll collection will let you give in to your deepest desires.

Just look at these studs—they’re so hot; you’ll want to get fucked by their raging cocks and bang their tight bungholes roughly. But don’t worry; they’re made to withstand intense, steamy sex, letting you fulfill all your erotic fantasies.

Shemale Sex Dolls

Legend says hermaphrodites have extreme sexual desires. Our shemale sex doll ass collection will prove that this isn’t just superficial. They are the horniest in this vast anal sex doll collection.

When an alluring doll has a beautiful face, perky, bouncy breasts, a tight pussy, and a raging cock, they’ve become the epitome of desire. With their salacious features, there’s no doubt you’ll be lost in overpowering lust as you enjoy every inch of their bodies.

Moving Ass Sex Dolls

Want to fuck a sex doll ass that moves? This anal sex doll collection is just what you need! Experience one-of-a-kind pleasure as you fuck their cheeky butts.

These dolls don’t just let you enjoy anal sex. They take this kinky stance to a new level of ecstasy. When you fuck their asses, their hips automatically move, as if you’re banging a real person. With their alluring physique and enticing features, would you still ask for more?

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Big Ass Sex Dolls

For those into thick asses, we’ve compiled our sexiest dolls with alluring butts in this big ass sex doll collection. Just looking at their behinds, you’ll get lost in overpowering lust. What more if you can fuck them?

Each big ass doll is crafted from high-quality TPE and silicone. Not only do they look and feel like real people, but they are also durable and body-safe. With their presence, you can fulfill your kinky fantasies without worries.

Our anal sex doll collection may be divided into four subcollections, such as male sex dolls, shemale sex dolls, moving ass sex dolls, and big ass sex dolls. Despite their unique beauties, they share one thing in common: they yearn for cocks to enter their back door! So whatever—or whoever—you want to fuck or get fucked, we have a huge ass sex doll for you.

Want a sex doll that does lip service? Maybe you want a companion that talks dirty to you. Perhaps you’re into big breasts? Whatever you fancy, we have a sex doll collection for you. Check out our blowjob sex doll, AI sex doll, and huge saggy breast sex doll collections, and find your dream partner!

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