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Platinum Custom Sex Doll

custom sex doll

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to sexual experiences. That’s why we offer our comprehensive custom sex doll service, allowing everyone to bring their dream synthetic companion to life. Our skilled artists and technicians work together with you to create your dream love doll. We use cutting-edge technology and methods to make your synthetic partner as lifelike as possible.

Look at our custom sexdoll options and turn your envisioned partner into reality!

Ⅰ Customisable Sex Dolls

A customised sex doll is what its name suggests — it’s created based on your preferences. Unlike in-stock dolls, these alluring beauties are made to order. Thus, you can decide what you want your doll to look like.

Below are the custom sex doll features you can personalise based on your preferences:

Body Type: We have over 34 body types, from skinny to full-figured and even pregnant sex dolls. We also have body types for different genders, such as female, male, and shemale sex dolls. Check our size chart for full details of measurements.

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Ⅱ Free Mix and Match

Another way to customise your sex doll is through mix and match. There are two ways to do this. One is you can mix and match different custom sex doll head and body types of similar brands. This option is highly recommended, as it offers flexibility and ensures the colour will be consistent from head to toe. Please click here to choose your sexy lover and browse our best-selling heads to match it!

The other method is mixing and matching different brands’ head and body types. When choosing this option, pay attention to the difference in skin tone and head size, as different brands make the parts. Contact our agent and send us a picture of your preferred head and body type. We will answer your queries immediately.

Ⅲ Create a Sex Doll Based on a Real Person

Do you have a specific person you wish to be with? We can create a custom sex doll based on a real person! It’s our most personalised option yet, but this method can be pricey and time-consuming.

The process involves sculpting a mould based on the photo you sent and creating it from it. Then, we’ll put some makeup on the custom face sex doll and ask the customer how they want their doll to look. After some final touches, we will inspect the doll to ensure it meets the customer’s requests. Once it’s complete, we’ll send it in a discreet package without any explicit label.

The customer may need to do some revisions until we get what they want, which can prolong the production timeline. This service is only recommended for those willing to spend more time and money on this unique customised sex doll project.

If you choose this custom sex doll method, remember the following rules:

  1. Ensure you have obtained permission or authorisation from the person the doll will be moulded after.
  2. We don’t make custom sexdolls that look exactly like celebrities.
  3. The dolls based on photos will have up to 95% similarity.
  4. We do not accept child photos for creating a sex doll.
  5. You cannot cancel your order once it’s placed.

There you have it! You already know what our sex doll custom services are. It’s time to take action and create the love doll of your dreams! But if you don’t want a custom sex doll and have to wait long, you can get our In-Stock Sex Dolls for quick shipping service.

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