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Must-Buy Sex Doll Accessories

5 Must-Buy Sex Doll Accessories for Your Beloved Companion

Sex doll accessories can go a long way in improving your sex doll experience. They play a vital role in giving you a positive experience. What’s even more surprising is that they can complement each other in addition to supplementing the doll. From serving aesthetics to enhancing experiences, they never go out of fashion.

So, to keep your doll multi-functional and improve her look, these five must-have doll accessories should be at your disposal:

1. Sex Doll Clothing

Fine apparel is the key to an exquisite look, as it determines how attractive your silicone or TPE sex doll can be. Missing out on clothing items will be a severe blunder. Imagine a naked sex doll. While her alluring figure is a big turn-on, wouldn’t it be nice if she wore a dress or sexy lingerie? 

What your love doll wears reflects her personality, poise, and aura. Thus, picking the right outfit for your beauty is essential when owning one.

2. Replaceable Vagina

Having one at your disposal will make things easier to a considerable extent. For one, it makes solo play more fun. The texture inside this removable pussy enhances pleasure for a mind-blowing happy ending.

Another reason is maintenance. Since it’s a replaceable vagina, you can spend less time cleaning your sex doll. Pull it out of her southern region after your intercourse. Use mild, soapy water to wash it. Rinse it and let it air dry, then apply powder before putting it back on your doll.

3. Sex Doll Suspension Kit — Hooks and Stand

Your accessories inventory wouldn’t be complete without a suspension kit. You need these suspension tools to hang your doll’s body or hold its head.

4. Storage Cases

There are plenty of reasons why owning a storage case is essential. For one, you can keep your synthetic companion away from prying eyes. You will avoid scrutiny and judgment since nobody knows you’re hiding a sex doll somewhere around the house if someone visits you.

Another reason is that it keeps your love doll in tip-top shape. Keeping her in a storage box will maintain her posture, avoiding dents affecting your doll’s integrity and look. Furthermore, it keeps her physical features intact, especially if you store her for long periods.

5. Cosmetic Products

Beauty fades, as we often say. But when it comes to sex dolls, their stunning looks can be freshened up. All you need is some cosmetic products.

Applying makeup to sex dolls is not only fun but also enhances their looks. When buying makeup products for your beloved companion, ensure they are oil-free and water-based. Oil-based products can potentially damage her skin.

Also, ensure you have a makeup remover within reach. There will come a time when you need to remove your doll’s makeup. You can easily wipe off the cosmetic products on her face with a makeup remover. Again, ensure it’s free of oil and harsh chemicals to keep your companion in tip-top shape.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Accessories

There are many places where you can buy accessories for your adult doll. If you want to buy clothes, you can buy them at a clothing store. Ensure you know her correct measurements to get proper clothing for your synthetic companion.

For cosmetic products, you can go to beauty stores. If you have no idea what color shade or palette to pick that complements your doll’s skin tone and eye color, you can ask the salesperson. Don’t tell them why you’re buying them to avoid unwanted scrutiny.

As for other accessories, you can get them at your preferred sex doll shop. These stores allow you to customize their dolls, including buying accessories. Click on the accessories you want to get as you also pick the features you want to change or add to your beloved partner.

Wrapping Up


These are five must-have sex doll accessories if you own a doll. These add-ons enhance her look, keep her pristine, and improve your overall doll experience.

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