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Contributing Factors Affecting the Lifespan of a Sex Doll

Goodbyes are the hardest thing to do—be it with a family member, a partner, a friend, or even a sex doll. The “death” of a love doll is quite timely, unlike that of humans, who die of diseases or due to other untimely causes. So before buying, owning, or getting attached to it, it’s essential to know what to expect regarding life expectancy.

Like everything else, a well-cared adult doll is more likely to live and last longer than a poorly managed one. While there’s no way of telling how long it will last, there are various factors that affect its lifespan, and these are:

#1 The Material Used for Making the Sex Doll

The material is one of the contributing factors affecting the lifespan of your sex doll. Dolls made of higher-quality materials are more likely to last long. Furthermore, they can withstand harsh conditions and other factors that could cause damage.

The two widely used materials for making lifelike dolls are Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. Both are soft and flexible, giving the erotic doll a realistic look and feel. However, the latter is more expensive than the former, as it’s more resistant to heat and moisture.

#2 How Often You Play With Your Sex Doll

This one is a no-brainer. Of course, the more often you use your real doll, the more likely it is prone to wear and tear. On top of that, the harsher and rougher you get when it comes to these beautiful inanimate objects, the shorter their lifespan.

For instance, if you handle the doll roughly, like doing intense BDSM practices, it could result in dents and cracks, which damage its look and quality.

#3 How Often You Upkeep Your Sex Doll

Keeping your sex doll in tip-top shape is vital, not only for extending its lifespan but also for your sexual health. Bacteria can breed on its surface, which can cause sexual diseases if not maintained well.

To ensure your doll is safe, you must clean it regularly, especially after using it. And just like human skin that needs hydration, the doll needs it, too, to keep its skin smooth and supple. Also, be sure to use water-based lube during sexual encounters, as it works best for silicone and TPE toys.

#4 Environment Factors Can Also Affect Your Sex Doll’s Lifespan

The environment to which your sex doll is exposed can significantly impact its lifespan. Prolonged sun exposure can cause its skin to fade and become brittle. Meanwhile, using harsh chemicals when cleaning your love doll can damage its skin.

For these reasons, you need to be careful of where or what you will put on your beloved doll. If you’re going to clean it, avoid using solvents, silicone, and alcohol, as these solutions may cause damage, shortening its lifespan.

#5 Where You Keep Your Sex Doll

Believe it or not, storage space can affect the love doll’s life expectancy. As mentioned earlier, some dolls, like TPE sex dolls, are less moisture-resistant. Moreover, humid and hot areas can affect their shape.

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Sex Doll

Now that you know what affects the life expectancy of your sex doll, it’s time to talk about how to maximize it. Below are the things you can do to get the most out of your beloved doll:

#1 Clean Your Doll

We’ve stated earlier that you need to clean your doll after each use to prevent bacterial buildup. But what if you’re not in the mood for sex lately, or it has been two weeks since you last used it? If this is the case, you need to clean it right away!

Wash its body with mild soap and tepid water and gently massage it all over its skin. Keep the neck and head dry or avoid these areas getting too wet, as these parts have metal components that are prone to rust. If you accidentally get these areas wet, dry them immediately.

As for its face, use a soft cloth and dip it in warm, soapy water. Gently pat the wet cloth all over its face but be careful not to wet its eyes and lashes too much. Use a non-abrasive cloth to dry, or just let it air dry.

Now for its intimate parts and mouth, rinse them with mild, soapy water until thoroughly clean. Dry the sex doll well, then dust its interior and exterior parts off with powder.

#2 Handle It With Care

As how you care for your most prized possessions, your doll should be treated with respect and care. Avoid dropping or dragging the doll, as it can damage its body and joints. When positioning or moving it, support the weight evenly and avoid twisting or bending its limbs excessively.

Also, do gentle play. While it’s tempting to do harsh BDSM practices, your doll might not handle it. Instead of tying up or cuffing its limbs, you could just blindfold its head or put a hood on it if you’re into sensory play or breath play

You can also give it a spank if you like but don’t use any tool that can cause dents. Your hands are enough to spice things up.

#3 Consider the Storage Space

As mentioned earlier, too much sun and chemical exposure, humidity, and high temperature can affect the lifespan of your sex doll. So when selecting storage space, make sure that its surroundings are free from sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the area should be clean and dust-free to keep the doll’s integrity and beauty.

But if you don’t have a large wardrobe or a spacious room where you can keep your doll, cover it with a wrapping kit to keep it dust-free. You may also use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Final Words

A sex doll is a hefty, long-term investment. As a doll owner, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good shape. By knowing the key factors that influence its lifespan, you can take proactive steps to ensure its longevity.

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