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Beyond Fantasy: Having Unparalleled Excitement of Sex with Dolls

Do you have erotic fantasies you wish to fulfill? Or maybe you’re bored with the sex toys you have in your closet? Whatever reason you have, sex dolls are the answer to your problem! This post will discuss everything you should know about sex with dolls, highlighting the experiences, ways to do it right, and some product recommendations. 

What Is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll, a love doll, or an adult doll is an anatomically correct pleasure tool designed for pleasure. They are made with different materials, but the most popular are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. These components provide a realistic skin texture and appearance, enabling you to experience what it’s like to have sex with silicone dolls or TPE dolls.

Sex dolls have customizable features, such as their hair, eye color, skin tone, and more, allowing owners to create a beauty that suits their taste. Some advanced models have heating and moaning features for a more lifelike experience.

While initially made for pleasure, some people buy them for companionship and emotional support. Others use them to express their artistic minds, using them as the subject of their photos or even sketches.

The Differences and Similarities Between Having Sex With Sex Dolls and Real People

You might ask, “Is having sex with silicone dolls—or TPE dolls, for that matter, different from having sex with real people?” It depends on the person. Some people say it’s much more pleasurable to have sex with dolls than with real people; others say otherwise. We will compare the two to show you what being intimate with a human-like toy is like.

The Feeling

A sex doll is made to be anatomically correct, so it has a face, boobs, the vagina (or penis if it’s a male or shemale sex doll), the butt, and limbs. On top of that, their skin is made of silicone or TPE. In other words, if you ask whether the texture is the same as a real person, then yes. After touching their flesh, you would feel like you’re caressing an actual person.

However, their body is always at room temperature unless they have a built-in heating system. Nonetheless, you can warm them up with a heated blanket, rod, or other heating tools you have. This should do the trick for a lifelike sexual encounter with a sex doll.

The Stimulation

Like their skin, having sex with dolls is the same as fucking someone, especially during entry. These companion dolls have detailed pussy lips where you can rub and smack your semi-flaccid penis. Their vaginal and anal holes are tight before the first entrance—like you’re banging a virgin.

Once your glans passed through that tight hole, you’d feel a textured inner tunnel or tunnels. This canal—or canals—will have ridged bumps, zig-zagged dents, and other textures that rub against your shaft. This stimulation will wow you and make you cum instantly.

The Experience

While sex dolls look and feel like real people, the experiences brought by these pleasure givers are different. Let’s start with what they can bring to the table—or the bed, should we say. Sex dolls are always up for any game or position. Whether you want to explore the world of BDSM or try different erotic stances, you can do so with them.

You won’t also feel pressured or rejected. You can focus on yourself and don’t have to worry about pleasing your partner. And if your lover has a monthly period, sick, or is simply not in the mood, these dolls are the perfect alternatives. They are always ready and available to satisfy your needs.

The Body Reaction

While sex dolls seem to be the ideal sex partner, they’re still not perfect. After all, they are inanimate objects made to look like real people. Hence, they don’t move unless you do so. They also don’t moan or cum like real people do. Besides these things, the feeling and stimulation of being intimate with lifelike companions are pretty much the same.

How to Have Sex With Pleasure Dolls

While sex dolls are made for sex, being responsible while enjoying their presence is essential. Here’s a basic guide on how to have sex with dolls.

  • Choose a Private Location: Find a comfortable and private space to do hanky-panky activities without discomfort or disruptions.
  • Prepare the Doll: Clean your synthetic partner before use. Don’t forget to warm her up with a heating system for a realistic experience.
  • Use Lubricant: For a smooth and effortless glide into one of her love holes, use ample water-based lube. Doing so will reduce friction between her skin and your body.
  • Practice Safe Sex: While sex with dolls doesn’t pose any health risks or unwanted pregnancies, it’s still advisable to use protection for peace of mind and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment and Explore: Take this chance to try different sex positions with your human-like lover. Do daring stances you haven’t tried before, but just be mindful of your surroundings before doing them. That way, you won’t damage her aesthetics when things get rough.

BSDoll’s Top-Selling Love Dolls

Now that you know what it’s like and how to have sex with dolls, let’s look closely at our popular adult dolls. These dolls come in different sizes and features. Regardless of their differences, they are beautiful and alluring in their own rights.


Let’s start with one of our best-selling mini sex dolls, Reiko. This young Asian hottie has captured the hearts of many because of her beauty and uncanny realistic features. One of the reviewers on our website said that she looked and felt fantastic. Another buyer commented that the size of her boobs and ass was just how they wanted.

However, one commenter said that the bolts on the sole of her feet looked weird but necessary to make her stand up. With all these remarkable comments, it is no wonder she’s one of our in-demand dolls in our mini sex doll category.


If you prefer a lifesized doll, Anastasia is the one you should get. This Russian goddess is crafted with perfection; you barely feel and see the difference between a realistic and authentic person.

For this reason, many buyers love her looks. They like the shape and size of her boobs. They are also impressed with the symmetrical proportion of her body. Her inclusion on this list is no surprise.


For those who are into full-figured dolls, we recommend Julia because—just look at her! With endearing looks and curves in all the right places, who could resist not having sex with dolls like her?

That said, buyers admire her beauty. They said she’s as stunning as pictured—or even better. So, if you’re into BBWs, she’s as close as you can get to a real plus-sized woman.


Sex with sex dolls is one way to spice up your sex life. They may give you the same pleasure or experience—or even better. Before doing the naughty with your lifelike partner, follow the tips above for a safe and pleasurable experience. Also, check out our recommendations and see if these dolls match your taste!

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