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Tips on How to Clean a Sex Doll

These maintenance tips are the best for All TPE dolls (Of course include BSDoll 🙂 

Keeping your sex doll tidy and also well-kept is key to maintaining the durability of your brand-new love doll. To ensure proper health as well as durability of your brand-new doll, please use the list below suggestions as a standard only.

Must haves for cleansing your sex doll:

  1. Comb (included).
  2. Vaginal irrigator (included).
  3. Sulfate complimentary soap or mild liquid soap.
  4. Soft towel (microfiber is perfect) or sponge.
  5. Dry soft towel or chamois fabric.
  6. Powder (corn starch/flour or baby powder).
  7. Powder brush.
  8. Mineral infant oil.
  9. Vaseline/ Oil Jelly.
  10. Water.

How often should I clean my sex doll?

  1. Please clean your doll before its initial usage to eliminate manufacturing facility residue.
  2. If they are not stored away from dirt or in a storage box or linen bag, you should clean the doll monthly.
  3. We recommend cleaning up dolls after every sex-related use in the key locations.

General Upkeep (depending on use)

  1. We suggest for TPE dolls be used with oil for only a max of 3-4 times per year. Do not over oil.
  2. Use a minimal amount of Vaseline/petroleum jelly to high-stress areas, e.g., knees, inner groin, as well as openings when needed.
  3. Apply corn starch/flour to your doll before keeping it for long periods.
  4. Do not use alcohol or silicone-based items, e.g., found in perfumes, lubricants, and wipes.

What are our top 5 expert suggestions for an easy clean?

  1. Always use a lubricant during sex to lubricate the openings making it a more realistic experience for you.
  2. Purchase a detachable vagina insert for simple cleansing.
  3. To help dry the vagina, use a fan or insert a tampon.
  4. When using powder or oil, it’s best to hang your doll first or lay it down.
  5. For localized cleansing, a tiny spray container is excellent. The soap-water ratio is one liquid soap pump to 5 cups of water.

How do you clean your sex doll?

  1. Begin by wiping off any excess lubricating substance or body liquid with a soft towel.
  2. Remove the removable vagina (if applicable) after use.
  3. Remove the wig and clean this separately.
  4. The insert can be cleaned in anti-bacterial warm soapy water in a sink and can be left to air dry.
  5. For the full doll – lay your doll with towels above a smooth and even surface and utilize a spray container mix of (ideally sulfate complimentary) soap and clean, warm water; carefully massage the doll’s skin with your hands, or clean down with a clean sponge.

You can bathe or shower a doll make sure to support and take care of the “skeletal system properly,”

e.g., do not allow the neck or head to end up being wet. This is to avoid damages to the “skeleton” and potential mold.

You can cover the visible metal locations with a plastic bag or make sure that the feet (with steel screws) are not soaked in water.

Wet dolls are slippery a plastic stool in a shower is safer and advisable than letting the doll stand.

Do not use detergent soaps or general cleaning items.

Do not use hard edge sponges or wire brushes; this may cause damage to your doll.

It’s best to wipe and lay your doll down with towels on the bed to allow it to dry completely.

How do I clean up the vagina/ anus/ mouth?

To clean any of the openings (holes), we recommend using a water irrigator to spray right into the hole, permitting the water to flow out to the opening. If you do not have a water irrigator, you can utilize a shower hose on a “LOW” and mild setting.

Alternatively, you can use a wet (soft) cloth to clean manually with lukewarm soapy water. Ensure you clean thoroughly, reaching all locations of the openings.

You can likewise cleanse the openings while showering or bathing your doll utilizing your hand or a little sponge (see above re-treatment of skeletal system). One cleansing technique, leave your doll’s legs a little open so that the vaginal area and anus are open to the air and can dry out naturally. Don’t leave your doll’s legs also far apart as this can cause damages gradually.

Once the doll is completely dry, use a small amount of Vaseline to lube the holes. Do not use abrasive soaps or any other harsh chemical cleansing items.

How do I clean my sex doll’s face?

  1. Take the wig off the head
  2. Remove the head from the body
  3. Apply a mild antibacterial soapy with water using a sponge or cotton towel and delicately and softly clean the face.

Please note:

The doll’s makeup is semi-permanent and can discolor or be removed with mineral oil so it’s best to avoid excessive cleansing or scrubbing to preserve the long life of makeup.

Pay attention not to damage the eyes and also eyelashes, prevent obtaining these areas wet.


1. Do not submerge your dolls head in water at any point.
2. Do not use of tough soaps or any other severe cleansing items.
3. Do not utilize severe products or hard/sharp items.
4. Do not use excessive pressure on the skin or skeleton.
5. Do not use a hairdryer or any type of other home heating gadget on your doll.
6. Do not try to speed up drying by leaving doll near a radiator/ fire or any type of various other heating tool. (An awesome fan will certainly work).
7. Do not use fragrances as these contain alcohol which is really drying out.
8. Do not utilize baby wipes, yes truly. (the active ingredients damages TPE).
9. Do not utilize any kind of solvent unless recommended for repair.
10. Do not use silicone-based lubricants/products.
11. Do not dress or store in dark clothes unless looked for color fastness e.g. saturate repeatedly in container until water is clear and color no longer runs.

* Idea: Use cinnamon in powder or spray perfume on wigs/clothes if you want.

Just how do I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

Ensuring your doll has actually dried out entirely is essential to restrict the opportunity of damage.

Pat-dry delicately with a clean soft cotton cloth as well as enable the skin to air-dry fully.

As soon as dry as it stops damage from rubbing, you can use a little bit of powder to your doll’s body. Do not over powder as it can be very drying and draw out the oils in the TPE. It is not essential to powder usually.

Numerous recommend making use of Vaseline in the orifices as both a safety procedure and as a lube.

Exactly how do I clean my sex doll’s wig?

The wig must always be removed from the doll’s head and best to comb the wig starting at the ends before cleaning. You can use a tiny hand basin or perhaps a hair bath is terrific if the hair is fairly lengthy.

Fill the basin with cold water as well as a pump of shampoo to make a mini “bubble bath” for the wig, this is to avoid the risk of shedding the hair style, e.g. the curls. Sulfate complimentary hair shampoo is the best.

1. Submerge the wig and wash it gently then leave for approximately 5mins to soak.
2. Drain the sink well and wash the wig gently until the water runs clear – no bubbles.
3. Comb the hair straight after cleaning enabling the wig to air completely, you can dry it on a wig stand. Any kind of curls/style will certainly bounce back.
4. Do not leave the wig to dry on the dolls head.
5. Do not use hair products to design the hair, they may cause damage to the doll’s skin and face.

Handling, moving, and storing sex dolls

1. Prevent saving the doll facing direct sunlight, this can cause damage as well as discoloration.
2. Store the doll at room temperature, in a dry area. Prevent using washrooms, garages or other storage locations that is prone to be wet to mold.
3. Do not leave the doll on fabricated or stained materials made of natural leather couches or in dark clothes for long periods of time.
4. Maintain the doll away from open flames.
5. Never leave the doll in difficult, unusual or extended positions for prolonged periods of time, the skin can end up being extended, harmed or can cause tear if not returned to its natural position after usage. The doll’s natural position can be lying down or sitting straight up.
6. You can also try some alternatives. You can store the doll laid down with proper leveling in a sex doll storage space box or the initial product packaging box. You can leave it standing (with support e.g. a cushion behind their backside versus the wall surface) is more likely okay for some dolls that are not too busty, or hung on your bed if you have a memory foam cushion.
7. When using or moving your doll, make certain to be and follow proper posture when moving heavy things: Keep your back straight, slightly bend the knees and hips.
8. When held upright, we find that the dolls are easier and more convenient to relocate.
9. We suggest wrapping both arms around the doll’s midsection creating a ‘Bearhug’ placement.
10. Do not lift the doll just by holding the limbs or head, always hold the body.
11. DO NOT throw your doll over your shoulder as you might put pressure on the “spinal column”.

Tips for replacing fingernails

1. Lay the doll in the neutral or relaxed position.
2. Line up the (loose) fingernails that you have removed with the bare finger nails. This will help you work out which finger nail matches which finger.
3. Use a thin and even layer of adhesive on the bare finger nail area when you have chosen your finger nail. Make sure the nail is clean and completely dry first, avoid and remove any kind of dirt or talc (powder).
4. Do not over apply the adhesive, only apply a thin layer. Avoid applying excessively making it to splash outside the nail area.
5. When properly aligned in the nail, press and also hold the nail for 5 seconds– without touching any type of adhesive.
Excess adhesive is hard to get rid of, so it’s best to stay clear of any kind of spillage. In case of glue overspill, get rid of the glue promptly with a microfiber fabric and hot soapy water.

To get remove the fingernails use a set of tweezers and carefully pull the nail toward you and, away from the doll (be careful un pulling the nails away).

Tips for changing the eyes

1. Lay the doll in a sitting or lying down.
2. Gently and very carefully pull the eyelids apart (Up and down, not left and right) with one hand, without touching the eyelashes or makeup.
2. With the other hand, remove the eye and remove all the packing.
” Scrunch” the packaging snugly right into the new eye.
3. With one hand, draw the eyes apart, without touching the eyelashes or make-up.
4. With other hand, pop the new eye into the outlet to change.

Tips for reattaching loosened eyelashes

1. Lay your doll down straight facing upwards.
2. Apply a small amount of glue to a paperclip, pin, cocktail stick or any thin stick. We recommend a cocktail drink stirrer.
3. Pull the eyelash gently back and use the adhesive to the rear of the eyelash (not the doll) and wait for the glue to be “tacky” before applying the eyelashes. You can slightly blow the glue to help make it tacky faster.
4. Holding the eyelash and also not touching the glue, carefully press it to the area where you want the eyelashes.
5. Wait for 5 minutes to solidify the adhesive.

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